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In 1993, Sunny Kaila, an 18-year-old immigrant from India, stood on the edge of Jersey City, New Jersey marveling at the Statue of Liberty against the radiant backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline.

Unable to pay for a ferry ticket to see the American symbol of freedom up close, Sunny was determined to make his mark in this land of opportunity.

And make his mark, he did.

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“Few individuals possess the profound understanding of building a global world-class talent capability to scale a business with profitability. For over two decades now, he has fearlessly confronted the challenges and harnessed the underlying opportunities. His expertise, honed through years of experience, is a guiding light for those looking to transform their talent strategies and achieve lasting success in an ever-competitive industry.”

Kevin Cook

CEO at The Purple Guys


Sunny Kaila’s journey is truly awe-inspiring and deeply touching. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker and the visionary Founder & CEO of IT By Design, he has built a global talent solutions ecosystem for IT Managed Service Providers, with over 600 employees in five facilities worldwide. His company’s rapid growth and expanding client base are a testament to his incredible success.

Sunny’s journey is a powerful reminder
that the American Dream is attainable with hard work, a growth mindset, and a clear vision.
His story resonates deeply, reminding audiences that with resilience and unwavering dedication, dreams can become reality, no matter where we start from.

Great Entrepreneurs are

Talentpreneurs first

As a keynote speaker, Sunny Kaila captivates audiences with his incredible journey as an immigrant and his rise to success as a tech entrepreneur. On the stage, Sunny energetically shares his insights on an ever-evolving industry, building and growing a healthy business, transforming the people around you, and living the life of your dreams.

Sunny’s profound message of Talentpreneurship leaves corporate audiences with a renewed sense of purpose, a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and leadership, and practical tips and strategies for building self-transforming businesses that attract and retain elite employees – and keeps them happy and healthy.

keynote speaker, Sunny Kaila
Sunny Kaila -- Talentpreneurship


How to Build and Grow a Healthy Business, Transform the People Around You, and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Imagine a profitable self-transforming business that positively impacts the people in it. Picture a top-talent team genuinely invested in their work and passionate about the company’s values and vision. Consider the life-altering effects on the team’s well-being and overall personal and professional fulfillment. And think of its impact on life, productivity, innovation, and business success.


Are you winning the Talent Wars?

If you aspire to live life by design and not by default, it’s crucial for you to attract and retain incredible people. As a leader, the success of your organization and your own financial prosperity depends upon your team members.

As you read this book you’ll discover how to:

  • Build and grow a profitable business that transforms lives—including your own.
  • Implement the Talent Operating System™ (TOS) to align your team with your vision.
  • Leverage the Life By Design framework for true employee engagement.
Talent Preneurship


A Talentpreneur is an entrepreneurial leader who maximizes talent resources, turning them into high-performing assets that drive superior business results – focusing on people first.

Sunny Kaila


Many entrepreneurs and leaders are overworked and undertrained in building the people component of their business, leading to a decline in their overall growth and bottom-line. They’re left asking:

  • “How can I build a profitable self-transforming company?”
  • “How can I build and retain a top-talent team?”
  • “How can I better engage and align my team to drive growth and profits?”
  • “How will I have time to build, train, and retain top talent with everything else on my plate?”
  • “Will my team care about anything other than their paycheck?”

In this engaging keynote, Sunny addresses these challenging questions and provides actionable insights on how leaders can build a self-thriving business that uses talentpreneurship as a strategic asset to drive
long-term success and profitability.



Sunny Kaila’s influential keynote reinvents traditional approaches to building and growing businesses. His message counters conventional practices of maximizing profits at the expense of people and shows how prioritizing them first not only creates a positive impact on their lives but also leads to greater profitability.

Sunny Kaila

If you’re planning an event and want to inspire your audience with a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the importance of building a self-thriving company, Sunny is the keynote speaker for you.

Audiences leave with greater confidence in their ability to:

  • Attract, hire, engage, train, and retain top talent
  • Implement a strong workplace culture that continuously transforms
  • Build teams aligned with the company’s purpose, values, and vision
  • Maintain consistent cash confidence
  • Achieve business growth with high profitability
  • Transform the lives of those inside your company – including your own

“Sunny’s incredible journey shows us that with hard work and a clear vision, anyone can achieve
their dreams. It’s a testament to the American Dream. His rise from humble beginnings to
becoming a highly sought-after keynote speaker and a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of




Sunny’s Silver Linings


Sunny’s Silver Linings

Beyond delivering a compelling keynote, Sunny’s thought leadership in entrepreneurship, talentpreneurship, workplace culture, and talent development extends to his podcast, Sunny’s Silver Linings. Enjoy hours of his thought-provoking leadership experiences and insightful conversations with MSP Channel leaders and industry experts as they dive deep into topics driving the future of MSP business.